Ashutosh Priyadarshy
Ashutosh Priyadarshy reviewedAvoPrevent human errors when implementing analytics

Avo does exactly what it says it will. If you run analytics, you should use this.


Looking forward to an easier onboarding process, but even yet, it's great

Avo is the best way to manage your analytics and make sure they are right. I love that there's only a single line of code for all of our analytics tools and that we can robustly test the data we're sending to these tools in our development environments. It's great to know that we're always shipping good analytics code. This means we can make less mistakes, measure faster and improve our product faster.

Ashutosh Priyadarshy has used this product for one year.
Árni Hermann
Árni Hermann@arnihermann · Co-founder, Avo
Thanks you so much Ashutosh for your support. We're very grateful for having Sunsama as customer and being able to improve our product to your needs, it's a win-win!