#3 Product of the DayJuly 04, 2018

Our goal is to make avatars that genuinely stand out in quality from the ones you can currently find online. The only way to achieve that was to make each of them by hand, so we reached out to our contacts and convinced them to join us in our endeavor to make our vision come true.

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Anyone else find it ludicrous that just below their sales pitch of why you should use a custom avatar, they have their testimonials from two people who aren't using their custom avatar.
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Hey, @sztufi - great idea! Excited to look through to try, but there is only paid options and it is ok. Interesting to look for real results comparing with the photos.
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Hey! @roman_eaton Thanks for the compliment. Our idea was to create personalized avatars, and, after looking through some options we thought this is the best way to do it, because as you said, illustrations like these yield an interesting and unique result.
I haven't changed my profile pic in ~8 years. But I'm aging. In another 5 years, it might look a bit deceiving. Maybe I should go cartoon. 😁
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@rrhoover Eight years? In Europe that's how old a second grader is. You should definitely get one.
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Website is down!
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Website is not opening up.
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@naimeykaplish93 @naderdagher The traffic we are currently experiencing is way higher than we anticipated. and our servers are currently on fire. We are doing our best to fix it, meanwhile could you specify what kind of error message are you getting, that would help a lot.
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