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Henrik Lenberg
Founder of Auxy
Hello all product hunters! We're a small team in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to building amazing instruments for mobile music creators. About a year ago, we release our first app, Auxy for iPad, which is currently the highest rated music creation app for iOS. Today we're taking the same concept to iPhone, but in a completely redesigned app. We believe that simple tools make people more creative. The new iPhone app has a simplistic interface, just like the iPad app, but it's been refined and we've added some new features. One example is the ability to tweak multiple parameters for each sound. The biggest news is that we've built a completely new sound engine with technology from some of the leaders in digital audio effects and synthesis. We've also had the opportunity to work with producer 7 Skies who has designed all the new sounds and made sure the master effects make your mix sound great. I just published a post on Medium about how we're rethinking mobile music creation for the mobile generation: https://medium.com/@lenberg/how-... Looking forward to hear what you think!
Grant Cottrelldesigner of stuff
@lenberg i just discovered auxy (where have i been???) it's downright gorgeous thank you _/\_
I love mobile music creation. I can't wait for the first worldwide hit made from a tool like this. Where do you see mobile music creation in 3 years?
Amir ShaikhProduct Lead, BuzzFeed
I managed to make something that sounded vaguely like music within one minute of opening the app (and i'm absolutely not a musician). It's insane how easy music-making feels with auxy
Big fan of Auxy. The first app I was able to easily create my first own electronic tracks (I'm more of a guitar player).
Joshua Pinter
Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
I have an Ableton Push and this reminds me of the simplicity and almost instant intuitiveness of it. Great job.
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