Mustafa M. Lokhandwala
Mustafa M. Lokhandwala reviewedAutoWater ProSmart kitchen tap for filtration and touchless on/off
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We already have taps that sense when the user has placed their hand under the faucet. This just wastes time in doing an elaborate gesture.

Didn't the designers think how many people would be touching the tap while swiping? Prime example of solving a problem that is already solved, and that too in a worse way.

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Jon Sutherland
Jon Sutherland@jmsuth · Just a lefty pushing pixels and code ✌️
If you look at the kickstarter page, you'll see that the tap has a sensor for short bursts when you place your hands under it (for washing your hands), AND it has the wave sensor for when you want to turn it on and off for longer periods of time and don't want to get your hands wet (for example, to fill up a pot of water). I think you should do a little more research before passing such harsh judgment.