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Marketing automation with your whole team on the same page


The only marketing automation software that brings your whole team together with a Google Docs-like experience. Collaborate, brainstorm, design, annotate, and implement the ultimate customer journey from anywhere in the world.

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✨Lauralynn Stubler✨
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  • ✨Lauralynn Stubler✨
    ✨Lauralynn Stubler✨growth & retention @

    I don't know of any other email marketing tool that has this. Being able to make notes on the canvas is a game-changer.


    None that I can tell so far.

    I love this so much. The second I saw it when I logged in I started using it. Being able to label my journeys and make notes next to the shapes means I can now pass off a project without having to document things outside of Autopilot.

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  • Maheshwar
    MaheshwarGrowth, Frilp

    Love the idea - makes me wonder of why so many products think of collaboration/communication in a boring way as opposed to this natural way


    Implementation - though there are a lot of options, not very easy to quickly add a quick note in a thoughtcloud or alert

    I wish it would allow me to quickly add a thought --- as a quote or alert or fyi -- like drag and drop a thought bubble and start typing into it. As opposed to having to drag and drop multiple elements, say a circle for the shape, and a title for the text..then having to ensure they all fit in together which becomes a repetitive task everytime you type.. as the text spills out of the circle...

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  • Kory Leung
    Kory LeungDesign and Operations Manager at Domain

    The new feature has helped me to design customer journeys with my whole team. I can easily add anyone to a journey and get their feedback


    I haven't experienced any cons with this feature so far

    The annotate feature helps me comment on journeys so I can come back to them at any time, understand the flow and pick up where I left off.

    Before this feature, Autopilot's visual canvas was easy to use and simple, but now the annotations, stickers and emoji offer a whole new level of collaboration. I haven't seen anything like it on the market and it ticks all my boxes when it comes to marketing automation software.

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  • Ellen de Vries
    Ellen de VriesOSCAR RAZOR Co-Founder

    A fun, visual way to add 'mental notes' for yourself or messages to share with your team.


    I would love if Annotate was visible in 'Live Mode', to avoid having to toggle back to Canvas to refer to notes.

    Autopilot is the perfect platform for visual people, and Annotate is certainly is in keeping with this: it's both practical and playful.

    In the past, I would often look back at Journeys and struggle to recall why I'd set a certain Condition. Being able to write notes means I can keep track of this, and plot out future additions to a Journey, that I don't necessarily have time to add then and there.

    It's been particularly helpful when tracking time elapsed between a contact entering a journey and a particular Action. For this reason in particular, it would be great if it were possible to have Annotate visible in Live Mode.

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  • Pros: 

    Creates powerful customer journeys by making sure all teams as customer success, sales and marketing are aligned and collaborating.


    No that I can' think of

    I love how you can insert emojis to share your opinion, and the stickers are seriously a LOL - keep it up Autopilot!

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