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The only marketing automation software that brings your whole team together with a Google Docs-like experience. Collaborate, brainstorm, design, annotate, and implement the ultimate customer journey from anywhere in the world.

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  • ✨Lauralynn Stubler✨
    ✨Lauralynn Stubler✨growth & retention @

    I don't know of any other email marketing tool that has this. Being able to make notes on the canvas is a game-changer.


    None that I can tell so far.

    I love this so much. The second I saw it when I logged in I started using it. Being able to label my journeys and make notes next to the shapes means I can now pass off a project without having to document things outside of Autopilot.

    ✨Lauralynn Stubler✨ has used this product for one month.
  • Maheshwar
    MaheshwarGrowth, Frilp

    Love the idea - makes me wonder of why so many products think of collaboration/communication in a boring way as opposed to this natural way


    Implementation - though there are a lot of options, not very easy to quickly add a quick note in a thoughtcloud or alert

    I wish it would allow me to quickly add a thought --- as a quote or alert or fyi -- like drag and drop a thought bubble and start typing into it. As opposed to having to drag and drop multiple elements, say a circle for the shape, and a title for the text..then having to ensure they all fit in together which becomes a repetitive task everytime you type.. as the text spills out of the circle...

    Maheshwar has used this product for one day.
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Michael Sharkey
Michael SharkeyMakerHiring@michaelsharkey · CEO, Autopilot
Hi Nicolas Thanks for hunting us! We’re really excited to show off the Annotate and Collaborate feature. This all started with a simple idea: what if marketing automation software could be as easy as drawing on a whiteboard? We already had the visual canvas for customer journeys, so we created a way for teams across an organization to work in real time to give context to, and feedback on those journeys by using annotations, text, stickers, images and emoji. This new functionality enables you to: Collaborate with your team members in real-time; Visualize ideas and bring context to journeys; Increase productivity with new keyboard shortcuts; and Share your best work with others outside of Autopilot I would love to hear what people think and I’m more than happy to answer any questions!
Shreyaa Ratra
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@michaelsharkey - If you are planning to do B2B sales, how about targeting : a) Funded companies - They will grow their marketing teams. And will make sense for them to use your product. b) Companies who are hiring in marketing department - email marketing, social media manager. Since they are hiring, it means they are growing and it will be useful for them to target such products.
Laura Haines
Laura Haines@laura_haines_typeform · Head of Product at Typeform
Hi Autopilot Team Great work with this new feature. Another great step towards acknowledging and serving the collaborative nature of your users. Well done!
Michael Sharkey
Michael SharkeyMakerHiring@michaelsharkey · CEO, Autopilot
@laura_haines_typeform Thanks Laura! Modern workforces have been moving towards a more collaborative model with teams working in different spaces and across different timezones. We believe marketing software should enable this collaboration, rather than restrict it.
Nicolas Grenié
Nicolas GreniéHunterHiring@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
Today, a lot of companies are building complex workflow to automate their marketing campaigns. At Typeform, we are happy user of Autopilot. It help us run onboarding experiences and optimise when we should followup with users. I am very excited by this new feature offered by Autopilot: Annote and Collaborate. It let's document the flows you've built. How many times have you opened Marketo trying to understand what your colleague have done? This is not happening here as they have left notes and comments on the flow. You should definitively check it out ;)
Matt Woodward
Matt Woodward@woodwardmatt · Co-Founder & CTO of Edufolios
An awesome addition to a great platform! As a SaaS product developer / owner, AutoPilot is a no-brainer and allows us infinite flexibility & freedom to build out our customer marketing journey's. We use a combination of the Autopilot API to dynamically feed in customer info from our platform and then supplement this with using the awesome AutoPilot UI to collaborate on creating the required journeys. Keep up the awesome work guys! @chrissharkey @michaelsharkey @ipetersharkey
KJ Prince
KJ Prince@kj_prince
This looks great and is much needed, I've been using to solve a similar problem though that's not it's primary purpose