Automatic Selfie App

Get selfie every time you open MacBook lid

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 17, 2015
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Automatically updating all my account avatars with the latest shot would be the awesomesauce.
@forestmars That's awesome idea - perhaps via gravatar or something. But what if somebody else gets caught on the camera?
@grzaks All part of the fun. (ca. B.A.S.E. > A.C.I.D)
Admittedly, I wish I had this installed years ago so I could stitch together an album of one photo of myself each day.
@rrhoover Exactly. At least one a day. I'm still collecting for my time-lapse "dude made a selfie every day for X months" video :)
@rrhoover @grzaks Does this app have anything like this currently to compile all of the selfies into a video? There is an IOS app called everyday that does that and I'm on month two of using it. The video is hilarious. I would much rather have that though on my work computer.
@wesleyeames not yet unfortunatelly. It would make a lot of sense if there was such feature.
oh, nice. Got the app! :)
The day is over and some of you might be interested so here's the summary of Product Hunt effect on Selfie App: * 93 votes up at the moment of writing this comment * 13 apps sold: $45 USD profit on iTunes Connect * ~10 mentions on twitter Not really ground shaking if you ask me but I'm still happy :-) Thanks for your support!
@itsthisjustin Thanks :-) Hope you enjoy the app