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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 18, 2019

Our Automated Documentation lets you pull info from all the other tools your team uses and share it in one central place. Set up automated workflows to manage the work for you. With Automated Documentation, your team can grow and thrive together.


Kunal Bhatia
Kristen Craft


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Andy Cook
Andy CookMakerHiring@andygcook · Cofounder -
Hi ProductHunt - Andy from Tettra here 👋 We're super excited to launch our latest product, Automated Documentation, which lets you connect Tettra and Zapier together to automatically create wiki pages using triggers from all your other work tools. Here are a couple of examples of how you could do this to better share knowledge on your team: - When a Github milestone is closed, create a Tettra page with the closed issues and assign it to the PM to do a write up for the rest of the organization - Create an automatic page for notes after a Google Calendar meeting to remind the attendees to share what happened while chatting - Set up an automatic page for every Monday for the weekly standup and push a reminder into Slack for people to write down what they're working on this week Those are just a few ideas. There's thousands more workflows you could setup with Automated Documentation. Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. We'll be hanging out all day. As always, thanks for your support!
Neel Desai
Neel Desai@neel_desai · Product Manager @ ProfitWell
ProfitWell <3's Tettra. Has been the one internal wiki solution to stick and make everything from on-boarding to engineering documentation easy to do.
Jonah Silberg
Jonah Silberg@jonah_silberg · Sales Manager, Wistia
Let the zapping begin!
Cody Jones
Cody Jones@codyjayjones · Head of Business Development, Zapier
We're excited to see you all join the platform!
Kristen Craft
Kristen Craft@kristen_craft
@codyjayjones Big thanks, Cody! We're thrilled to work with you all to make our customers' lives easier!
Lindsey@lindsey3d · VP Marketing, thoughtbot
This sounds great, I want to automate alllll the things. Nice work Tettra team
Kristen Craft
Kristen Craft@kristen_craft
@lindsey3d Thanks, Lindsey! I think this might be the secret method of manufacturing extra hours in the day!