Automatic professional dental cleaning

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AutoBrush is like having a robot dentist you can pop in your mouth

  • Vicki White Larson-scorvo
    Vicki White Larson-scorvoI'm 67 and retired.

    Good concept, product seems well-made and is easy to use.


    Brush piece itself is too small, both in length and depth.

    I worked as a chairside dental assistant for several years, and have a good knowledge of oral hygiene. I was excited to receive my auto brush, and tried it right away. Unfortunately, even though I have a small mouth with average teeth, I discovered that the auto brush mouthpiece does not cover my teeth. It isn't long enough to clean the entirety of my 2nd molars (my 3rd molars have all been extracted). and the brushes are not deep enough to even touch my gums, at least

    not the incisors or cuspids, upper and lower. I had to use a regular toothbrush to complete the most important part of the tooth brushing experience, where the teeth and gums come together. If I only used the AutoBrush, my dental hygienist would not be happy with the condition of my teeth and gums. I now have a product that I can't use to effectively clean my teeth, and cannot return, because I had to use it to discover that it didn't work for me...not worth the $100 I paid for the unit, toothpaste, and extra brush head. I couldn't recommend, at the cost, this product to anyone.

    Vicki White Larson-scorvo has used this product for one week.
  • Marissa Swick
    Marissa SwickJust stating the facts!

    The kids version plays music while it "works".


    Doesnt clean teeth at all. Regular toothbrush has a visible clean. Heavy.

    Bought these for the family at once as the reviews seemed good and the deal for multiple purchases was good. Upon using, did not see any visible change in how dirty the teeth looks. Ran cycle twice, even wiggled it around on the second go through to see if that would help... Nodda. Teeth still looked dirty. Then brushed for the same amount of time using a regular old toothbrush and could see a visible change. Looked at the return policy... Within 10 days... Unused. Unwashed. Uh? How would I know if it worked right if I never used it? Terrible product. Just a fancy mouth vibrator. Don't waste your money, get a water pik instead.

    Marissa Swick has used this product for one month.
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Vincent Germain
Vincent Germain@vinzius · Software Engineer
What's the difference with Amabrush(.com) with ks project ? This product seems like a bad rip-off.
Vincent Germain
Vincent Germain@vinzius · Software Engineer
Check Amabrush here ; you can clearly see the similarities.
Florian Schaal
Florian Schaal@florian_schaal
@vinzius they even stole the images on the page from the kickstarter project page...
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Almost as awkward looking as this. 😆
Harshit Paul
Harshit Paul@paulharshit · Tech Blogger | Starve the negative.
Silvano Cerza
Silvano Cerza@silvanocerza · ON FIRE! 🔥
In ten years a manual toothbrush will be revolutionary.
Tony Forde
Tony Forde@tony_forde
Purchased 2 of these items and found one of the Chargers did not work. Notified customer service who asked me to send a video as proof that the item does not work. After much work and jumping through their hoops to provide a video in a format I could send in to them via email they agree that the item is faulty and instead of sending a replacement they have asked me to ship back the faulty item at my expense before they would consider sending a replacement. This is ridiculous! Why irritate a new customer further? Will not be using this supplier or their products again. Any one who does expect a 50% fail rate and having to fork out for a replacement that may or may not work after they have paid for the reshipping?