Authory v2

The perfect companion for journalists and thought leaders

Authory is the one solution for all journalists, thought leaders, bloggers and writers:

- Back up all articles automatically

- Turn readers into email subscribers

- Find out how stories perform on social media

Check out TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm at Authory:

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This looks very promising...reminds me of a similar service from a few years back that I can't recall the name of, but that one wasn't as powerful as this seems to be. Will be signing up for a trial today! Do you have any PH discounts/promotions running?
@mostlymarius Thanks Marius! Great to have you on board. We currently don't have a PH promotion. If we add one I'll let you know immediately!
Thanks a bunch for hunting us @chrismessina πŸš€ We've been on PH with a very first bare bones version of Authory about a year ago and we've received great feedback here. So we are more than happy to be back! Over the last year we've turned Authory from a MVP into a fully fledged service that's dedicated to journalists, editors, bloggers, thought leaders and all kinds of writers. We are happy to have journalists from many great publications like the New York Times, CNN or Washington Post using Authory. But we are also proud of all the freelancers or writers for smaller outlets. All in all, we've reached the milestone of 500,000 articles stored and we are getting many more every single minute. Let me know if you've got any questions!
Congrats on launching v2. Looks amazing! πŸš€
As a former journalist, I can't think of how many times my articles have been lost in the web so this is a godsend. My bigger concern here is that the rights of some of my articles may belong to the publisher. How will those articles be able to exist on the Authory platform?
@kylemalindawhite Hi Kyle! Thanks for the kind word πŸ˜„ Re ownership rights you are raising a very good point. We've set up Authory in a way that you as user get a public and a private Authory page. They are both available at the same URL but if you are logged in then you'll see all your articles in full text. If you (or anybody else) are logged out and visit your Authory page, you'll only see the headline plus text snippet. That way you are the only person who has got access to the full articles texts. In other words, Authory has created a copy for your private use. That way we are fully in line with existing legislation and our users don't need to worry. If you are interested you can find more details here:
This looks great