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Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Thomas Schranz ⛄️Hunter@__tosh · Co-founder & CEO, Blossom
There are smartphone apps that I only install temporarily. For example the ones from various airlines. I only use them a few hours before the flight until I land on my destination and remove them as soon as possible to free up precious storage space. ✈️ Usually their UX is way below what I got used to from other apps and it is especially cumbersome to log in because I forgot what my throw-away password was 5 years ago and which email address I used (some even ask for your numerical customer id). 😭 One major advantage that bots have over apps is that they don't need to be installed, they don't take up more space on your device and they immediately know who you are. Fascinating to see the first big brands moving into this space of low-friction customer support/empowerment experiences. ⛵️
Julian Lehr
Julian Lehr@lehrjulian · CMO @ 🍩
Love that it greats you with "Servus" :) 🇦🇹
Jakob Reiter
Jakob ReiterMaker@reiter_jakob
@lehrjulian ;) thanks - this is btw the official non-visual branding guideline by Austrian Airlines.
Tomas Ondrejka
Tomas Ondrejka@tomas_ondrejka · Co-founder Kickresume
Looks great! I have to try it :)
Thomas Marban
Thomas Marban@thomas · Creator
What's the realistic advantage over just going to the (mobile) website for flight-related transactions or a simple google query for something like baggage limits? For sure I'm not interested in learning the somewhat proprietary commands for every mom and pop bot. Not talking about pricing charts, editing seats, etc. and even if I'm just looking for the next SEN lounge, I'm pretty sure to be headed there before I've even found Lufthansa on messenger.
Christoph Richter
Christoph Richter@piffie · Co-Founder
@thomas But that is the Point. This Bot understands you in however you ask for it. Allways learning new ways people are asking. This is not a "predefined message bot" but a really good one.
Dan Crisan
Dan CrisanHiring@dandancrisan
@thomas the mobile website takes time to load. you have to get used to the interface. you spend time searching. A bot gives you a conversational interface. The options come to you, not you to them.
Thomas Marban
Thomas Marban@thomas · Creator
@dandancrisan That's a somewhat generic answer. Launching an app, finding the bot and thinking about correctly phrasing the question does not take time and a learning curve for the average user whereas opening a website ...does?
@thomas The bot answers questions with information directly related to you and your current flight. No more Generic Answers, in case of "Whats MY Baggage limit?" it actually returns info regarding your flight, ticket class, Milepoints, Extra Baggage option etc. The logic behind the bot is impressive, regardless how you access it, in this case via messenger.
Florian Matusek
Florian Matusek@florian_matusek
Nice effort and great to see more bots but this looks pretty alpha to me. After 10 minutes of really trying I did not get a single bit of info out of it. Not even the inspiration command from the screenshot seems to work ...
Florian Matusek
Florian Matusek@florian_matusek
Ok, figured it out. Seems like in order to use the commands you have to restart every time after using a command. Thats like killing an app and reopening it once you want to know something else ...
Jakob Reiter
Jakob ReiterMaker@reiter_jakob
@florian_matusek we are working on it :) - Problem with training your bot is always the trainings data - so thanks for providing valuable input! We will continue to improve :)