Beautiful iOS and macOS color picker

Aurora is a beautiful and powerful color picker and dictionary app with a Live camera picker, image color-replacement, Pantone and Crayola palettes, and more. The slick animations complement the app’s iOS-centric UI. πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨πŸ­πŸ’™
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Hey πŸ‘‹ Aurora is a best in class color app. It features a beautiful UI that's split into three distinct areas - camera/photo gallery live color picker, color search, and liked colors which can be tapped to view their details. πŸ­πŸ’§πŸŽ¨ The camera picker presents a draggable picker over the camera/picture to get its color at the point (along with HEX/RGB/CMYK values). The camera can be frozen for accuracy. The photo picker also lets you replace colors in the image with other chosen colors instantly. The color search area (main screen) displays a text field with the ability to enter HEX values (or color names) to search for that color, and display related HEX/RGB/CMYK/name values. Random colors can also be fetched. The view can also be changed to display whimsical tap sliders to adjust the color's brightness and saturation values. This color can also be shared as an image (or individual values can be copied/shared). The liked/saved colors area displays all liked colors from other parts of the app, and these can be tapped to view their details. Colors can be imported either individually or as a bunch via their HEX codes. Details contain all HEX/RGB/CMYK/CIE-LAB/XYZ/binary/octal/decimal/name values related to the color, along with related palettes, useful CSS and Swift code, as well as related Pantone and Crayola colors (useful for artists and interior designers). All colors contain Context Menus for quick actions. There's also a Today Extension that displays the most recently liked/saved colors at a glance. A Watch app is also present that does the same, and can be tapped to view color details. You're going to love it. If you have any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! ✌️
these are beautiful!!!!!
Great job!
@liveios Thank you!
I could have used this in a previous job for color matching.