Aurelius 2.0

Add, tag, organize and search all your user research notes


Aurelius helps you add, tag, organize, search and make sense of all of your user research notes and key insights in one place to make awesome designs, products and features.

Would you recommend this product?

Just starting to dig into this product but it looks super solid. This type of tool seems like the missing link between research and action. Much needed for so many companies. I'm excited to see how it grows!


Super easy to get started, easy workflow, powerful tool for backing up your ideas


Lack of visuals

UX Strategist and Researcher

If you deal with data or any sort- this should be your new go-to tool. These guys have done a knock out job.


Best research tool I have used yet, both solo and with a team


none yet...

CEO/founder MendUX

Admittedly only just started using today but so far I’m loving it.


Easy and Intuitive.


Haven’t used it enough to know.

Can you move a note from one category into another?