Simple mood tracker for Apple Watch

Aura is a simple mood tracker designed exclusively for the Apple Watch. With introduction of watchOS 6 this app works directly on your watch without an iPhone companion. Record your current mood as often as you like.
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Really excited to share my new app. It's been a fun experience working on it. Wouldn't be possible without an amazing course on SwiftUI by @mengto
I like the design and color of the app. Any HealthKit Integration?
@ethanyfan the only thing I can possibly integrate with would be Mindfulness. Maybe I will add a meditation section at some point . Otherwise there is no other category in HealthKit I can think of.
Hey @talkaboutdesign, thanks for app, just purchased it. Does it send daily push notifications?
@akim_kasabulatov not right now, something I def will add as a user preference.
@akim_kasabulatov @talkaboutdesign Optional push notifications would definitely help make it more consistent, so you can give it a moment's attention at the same time every day.
@akim_kasabulatov @topdawgcausting thanks for that feedback. That’s exactly what I mapped out for a future release. Ability to set a reminder and specific time everyday.
@akim_kasabulatov @talkaboutdesign Could you use local notifications on the watch instead of push notifications? Much easier to build and would give the same benefit (consistency).
@akim_kasabulatov @andrewgene sorry for the confusion. Yes, this is exactly what I’ll be using. Local push.
Love the design and simplicity! Can we back up data to iCloud? If not, is that planned for the future? Data backup is important to me.
@thedavidgay yes will update soon with this.
@thedavidgay p.s thanks for the lovely words
Honestly, I would love this to have an iPhone companion app to browse the data over time and correlate it with other health data, such as sleep, diet, exercise, etc. Exploring those trends on the watch screen only seems too tideous.
@boettges great feedback. Thanks Peter. I'll look into it as part of roadmap.