Adam S Hurwitz
  • Adam S Hurwitz
    Adam S HurwitzAndroid Developer

    Passcode entry for deliveries, easy to enter/exit when carrying my bike


    Remote wifi connection not working, notification settings not customizeable

    Setting up key code entry for deliveries and pickups is extremely convenient and I look forward to testing out how this goes with various services moving forward.

    The biggest asks:

    • Customize my notifications - I love receiving confirmation when I leave that the door was locked behind me, but would like to turn off all of the notifications regarding my room mates coming and going.

    • Auto generate and fill August temporary key code into shipping details in other Android apps upon checkout.

    Adam S Hurwitz has used this product for one week.
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Mike Bianchini
Mike Bianchini@mikebianchini · Chief Operating Officer, Municibid
Had the first version since moving into my new house in August. Each app update makes it even better. Once you have the auto-unlock feature set up you'll wonder why we ever used keys. The door magically opens when you get near. Living in the city, I also appreciate the Everlock feature which allows the door to automatically lock after so many seconds. I never have to worry about locking my door. I pair this with my Ring Video Doorbell and let the UPS driver put packages right in my house. The driver rings the doorbell and I remotely unlock the door from the app (August Connect required for this). Now I know my packages won't get lifted! Look forward to getting my keypad to make it even easier for my guests and postal deliveries. One of my favorite home automation products.
Auren Hoffman
Auren Hoffman@auren · CEO of SafeGraph. fmr CEO of LiveRamp
I have been an August user for about 6 months. It is a great product (though it still can be a bit buggy at times). It will only get better with time.
Ryan Shook
Ryan ShookHunter@ryanshook · Creative Director
New HomeKit enabled August Smart Lock has been redesigned to meet Apple's hardware certification program. In addition to HomeKit support the redesign brings new magnetic grip, rounded edges and new LED indicator. Ships in a few weeks, for more details check out CNET:
BJ Clark
BJ Clark@robotdeathsquad
I would love to be excited about this, I waited almost a year to get the first version, but I've just had lots of little problems since. The battery door, as someone noted, falls off all the time. I will randomly have to restart bluetooth on my phone to get it to connect so I can unlock my doors (which is not a little problem when you have two kids and your arms are full). While the software updates have been nice, it's hard to drop $200 or whatever more on a lock just for it to do what you expected the first one to do.
Anton Anisimov
Anton Anisimov@invoodoo · CEO/Founder @ InVooDoo
Is there any plan to make Apple Watch support?
Jason Johnson
Jason JohnsonMaker@jcjohnson · CEO, August
@invoodoo we support Apple Watch today to Lock/Unlock and receive activity notifications. I go running and leave my phone in my living room (in range of the front door). Next step is native app support so you don't need a phone at all.