Augmented Reality stack

A curated directory of AR resources & tools


Augmented Reality stack is an all-in-one curated directory for your AR needs

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Serdar Senay
Simon Jason Maghnagi
Joao Gil
  • Serdar Senay
    Serdar SenayLead Software Developer

    Lot's of resources to get started for developers. designers or entrepreneurs


    still loads more to add potentially

    this is the first in the world collection of resources just for AR, exciting!

    Serdar Senay has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    exciting to see where all this takes us into a new world

    this is changing the world of gaming in a big way


    unknown future but at the same time thats exciting

    lets see how this comes into day to day life

    Simon Jason Maghnagi has used this product for one week.
  • Joao Gil
    Joao GilUX Designer @ JOAO / GIL

    Loads ofsources for all levels of expertise into the Augmented Reality world of development, design, jobs, finishing, best practices,etc


    It’s still a embronic growing community

    Join now a fast-paced growing community of AR enthusiasts

    Joao Gil has used this product for one week.