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Augmented Reality stack is an all-in-one curated directory for your AR needs

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋

 We’re really excited to present the Nextreality augmented reality stack to the Product Hunt community. The point of this is to provide everything you need to design, code, market and fund an AR app. You can also post your own suggestions, and if we agree that they’re good, we’ll add them. We really hope you find this helpful and would love to hear your thoughts below. Thanks! Dean & the Nextreality team
Hey you should also check out Hologram and add to the list ... !! ✌️😊😊😊
@karanganesan This looks cool. There's an add link in the list. Feel free to add it there and we'll take a look. Cheers!
Thanks for the collection! I find it really useful
@natalia_kharchenko No problem. Glad you find it useful : )

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Loads ofsources for all levels of expertise into the Augmented Reality world of development, design, jobs, finishing, best practices,etc


It’s still a embronic growing community

lets see how this comes into day to day life


exciting to see where all this takes us into a new world

this is changing the world of gaming in a big way


unknown future but at the same time thats exciting