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In the 2 years since was first hunted the team has been working hard on adding more features and improving the API. I’m excited to incorporate these new features into More details on the new features on their blog: Some Highlights: Buzz score Use buzz score to discover which podcast episodes are being talked about the most. Derived from a number of relevant factors, including social chatter from podcast listeners across the web, this quality rating helps find the best episodes of shows you love — as well as uncover new hidden gems. Topic clusters Think of topic clusters as a sophisticated discovery tool that’s also really simple. We’ve analyzed thousands of episodes to create topic-based clusters, so you can discover content by topics like “NSFW,” “Death/Disaster,” “Relationships,” “Guns/Police,” and more. Clipmaker Easily select a favorite audio clip and share it as a short, snappy video on Facebook or Twitter as a short video, allowing you to instantly share with your followers (even those with their sound turned off) the amazing piece of tape you just heard.
@mubashariqbal Thank you! We've loved from the beginning. You might find our people index ( most helpful. Feedback welcome.
Hi hunters! And thanks to Mubs for hunting us. :) We're really excited to share with the world and get your feedback. We've collected and created so much data about podcasts in one place. You can search the full text and metadata of 10,000+ podcasts, try out fancier features like the ones @mubashariqbal mentioned (Buzz score, Clipmaker, Topic clusters), or simply get podcast recommendations for yourself using Audio Alerts (aka Google Alerts for podcasts) or our "Similar Episodes" algorithm. Developers can accomplish ALL of these things using our API. Get started at, or get inspired by others who have built cool stuff at Definitely let me know if we're missing a show you'd like to see. We're in the midst of scaling the index 30x. We'd love to hear from you!
@annewootton Great to discover you here. I love the clip maker feature especially as you have the text in the clip - have your thought or would you consider making that available as a standalone product as I am sure there are people creators like myself who would love to use it to get more visibility for our content through social?
@krishnade Thanks! The clipmaker is freely available for anyone to use from our site — it requires a transcript for the podcast. Let us know if there's a particular podcast you want to clip that we're missing!
@annewootton Thanks - I am thinking of small creators whose podcast is probably not one that you would be listing`- do you have criteria and a link to where people would need to submit the podcast and also the transcript
@krishnade You can write to info at and provide the RSS feed or iTunes subscribe link to any podcast and we'll add it!
Extraordinary tool @mubashariqbal . It's so easy picking out relevant episodes from my archives of The App Guy Podcast. In fact, I'll start using audio search when helping recommend past episodes. 👍
@paul_s_kemp Thanks! Glad to hear our similarity measurements are passing muster for your show. Let me know if you have other thoughts or feedback!
Hey @annewootton! Super fan here. We've been using to assist in our curation efforts at RadioPublic. Very excited about the news you're increasing the coverage for more podcasts. Can you speak to how frequently the index and metadata is updated when new episodes are published? Some neat opportunities for ~real time alerts about people or a topic being mentioned in an episode.
Hi @neocmatt :) We're excited about increasing coverage too! Currently, our index is updated every four hours. Same goes for transcription — we're transcribing around the clock, as you can imagine, so new episodes are transcribed within hours of when they are released. YES to ~real time alerts! In fact, we already send daily digests to lots of people who want the equivalent of a Google audio alert for themselves or topics/people of interest to them: (I may or may not have an alert set for Justin Bieber.) Fandom is mutual :)