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#4 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2017

Audiomack is an unlimited, free hosting & discovery platform for artists and fans. Artists receive unlimited storage, advanced stats, private links, and much more - entirely free. Fans can stream & take as much music offline as they like, for free.

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Just when SC are in big trouble, Perfect timing I might say...
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Why should you stay alive when souncloud is about to die? Do you have a financially sound plan? or is it another "we'll figure it out when we have enough users"?
@danr_4 Hey Dan, We were founded with $5,000 of self-funding, have taken no outside funding, and have been profitable since. We run a VERY lean business and do not spend frivolously - this is a 'more money in than out' business, not a 'let's spend a bunch and see what sticks' company. We've become more profitable as we've grown, not less. Our co-founders had extensive experience in sales and ad yield optimization before Audiomack, which has set us apart from other platforms from a monetization perspective. You can read a bit more about this question (which is totally fair and which we've gotten a lot of the past couple days) over on a Medium post we published today:
@audiomack @daveedwards Nice. What about handling of copyright and royalties? do you have deals with record labels?
@audiomack @danr_4 Right now we pay out many of our larger artists on Audiomack a majority of revenue generated on their content, and we'll be expanding this to all artists very soon (we need to move from manual to automated accounting to do this, so it's a big project). On copyright, yes we have a content ID system which scans all music uploaded to Audiomack, and we are very aggressive about taking down infringing material if it manages to make it through the filter. We have very good relationships with all 3 major labels copyright departments, as we're among the most proactive services out there with takedowns. We are working on licenses with all 3 US majors at the moment, which will hopefully be in place by the end of the year.
@audiomack @daveedwards that sounds great. but forgive me if I'm still a bit skeptical regarding your profitability at scale. Where does your revenue come from? It seems to me it comes from display ads? If so, can it really cover licensing, revenue sharing, server costs (!) and R&D? How many employees does Audiomack have? I know you'll be hard-pressed to share your business model if you've found the right one for music streaming, but I'd love it if you could share some figures.
@audiomack @danr_4 Hey Dan, I can't share much of this publicly, but our revenue comes from display ads, direct sales, and optional in-app subscriptions for listeners, all of which are growing substantially. Our users are 90%+ millennials and Gen Z, which is a valuable audience. Revenue is more than keeping up as we've grown, as ARPU is up substantially YOY.
Hey ProductHunters! Thank you to Andrew for adding us and we are really excited to be here. I'm the Director of Business Development at Audiomack and we are really proud of the product we've built over the last 4 years - but we still have a tremendous amount of work to do to provide our listeners and artists with the best streaming experience possible. We built Audiomack because we believed creators should be able to share as much music as they want, for free and without limits. There are no premium accounts for artists, and artists receive unlimited storage for free. We also believe in building relationships with the creators on our platform so we can make Audiomack a platform built with their needs in mind - and to that end, we've started revenue sharing with many of our premiere artists and label partners. One of the unique features of Audiomack is that our charts rank all of the music on the site (3M+ tracks) in real time, and these charts are sortable by genre and time period (day, week, month, year, etc). We put what's trending today in front of you and let you go from there. We hope you will check out our apps in addition to our website. To date they have been downloaded over 9 million times, and we're in the top 15 on Android Free Music Apps and top 40 iOS Free Music Apps. Next up on our roadmap is improving the artist backend, upload process, and stats. Major upgrades to this part of the platform are coming very soon. We're also looking to build more of a community on Audiomack, but we need to make sure comments and messages don't turn into a SPAM free for all. Feel free to ask us anything. My team and I will be happy to respond. If you are having any issues, please reach out to
@daveedwards one of my biggest gripes with SoundCloud is how much spam messaging there is from spam accounts. Such a useless feature for creators if it's rittled with spam IMO. Looking forward to trying this out.
@daveedwards @anodigital also the fact that soundcloud have not even got messaging on their mobile app, its a complete joke! I've just signed up to audiomack and going to do a review for you guys, I use soundcloud daily so will be interesting to see how it fairs up big thing for me is being able to find recent, relevant uploads in my music genre, i see audiomack doesnt really have this feature yet
Have done lots of work with @daveedwards and Audiomack...great Hip Hop ecosystem
hi, great work. Is there an accessible api?
@hill Yes, we have a free fully functional API - docs here: and shoot us an email for an API Key:
@audiomack @daveedwards nice, thanks. come demo at the nymusictech meetup sometime