Audio Snack

Create snack-sized audio from your favorite movie or song

That perfect opportunity to say a line from a movie or a song? Forget GIFs, send the actual audio clip. Trim and create your own snack-sized audio clips or search the hashtag-based database to find that perfect one-liner.
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This is the a very interesting idea. My (unsolicited) suggestion is to follow the giphy model and create a bank of audio files to show the potential. Have a website that shows them and see where it goes. It's really early stages for an offering like this, however if you do this properly you can have something here.
@zedsq This is an awesome idea
@zedsq Thank you for the feedback and the vote of confidence! I'm definitely an admirer of the Giphy model, a website is in the works, I hoping that will help make content creation easier and dynamic.