Attractor Start

Plan and deploy product analytics without hustle

Automate your analytics implementation with our GDPR compliant Tracking Plan Creator, converted into developer-ready specs, with data that's QA'd and ready to go.

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Sometimes it takes so much effort to put together analytics that companies end up being blind or with the data they can’t trust. Attractor Start helps you design tracking plan, converted into technical specs for developers and make sure analytics is configured correctly.
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Our team has built hundreds of analytics systems - everything starts from the data model which should provide stakeholders with valuable insights and reporting data. We have created a flexible data plan constructor that would help you get covered from the analytics perspective, stay GDPR compliant and fuel-up your growth with the data
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@aleksandr_furtak could you, please, tell me Do you have partnerships with any of those analytics providers? Are they paying you?
@bogdan_kolos Hi Bogdan, we've just added most popular transactions. mParticle is our data partner. For the rest we use standard interfaces. Unfortunately they don't pay us yet.

Hope to see more soon.


AWESOME! Thanks for making this. Solving a huge problem for me. Love it.


Design improvements (UX/UI)

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Thank you for your feedback. We will update the UX soon.
Hey guys, looks a quite neat product. Will definitely give it a try! I just have a question: how are you going to manage all those APIs? Ty!
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@enguerrandpp Great question :). This quite a bit of work to support various APIs, we are basically setting our radars to listen all upcoming changes in our partners APIs.
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Attractor is something new. Integration with data platforms have never been so easy


friendly ux functionality intergations with many platforms


not functions are available

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