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#4 Product of the WeekMay 12, 2020
Instant campaign testing, without data collection, allowing you to see design through the eyes of users, available on Chrome, Adobe XD, Sketch and Web app. Analyse different campaign material, compare multiple designs of: websites, posters, banners and more.
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Hey, PH! I'm the founder of Attention Insight. 💙 For years, I was a marketing professional. It always frustrated me that there is no quick, private, and scalable way to do pre-launch marketing campaign testing. 📈📊 User testing is amazing, but there is no TIME in the marketing world to wait for 1-2 weeks. ⏰ In some cases, you have less than one hour to submit creative assets to a media company. Therefore, you open up design files, go with your gut instinct, and pick the design you feel will work. 💸 Over time I had the pleasure to work with top designers in their field and got the best user-centric design that I could ask for. But here's the punchline. I needed to approve it with my team or (God forbid) shareholders of big enterprise clients. And then when I got into the meeting room with my best in class design things got ugly - and as they say - everyone has their opinions about designs. 🎯👩‍💼👨‍💼 I realised the biggest issue is that designers know and see a design through the users' eyes. 💙 However, they can't communicate their knowledge to marketing teams and shareholders. No one taught them or myself how to make design decisions. For that reason, I started working with a mission to bring design decisions to the next level - the data-driven way. 🕵‍♀ Attention Insight teamed up marketers and researchers, creating PRE-LAUNCH DESIGN ANALYTICS for campaign testing. EVERYONE in the Marketing team can easily understand that. So: 1. Marketers can make data-driven decisions and implement A/B testing in a minute. 2. Product owners can make sure users see their products. 3. Designers can show a design in a way THEY see it - user-centric. p.s. Every new user gets 2 months for free in honor of our Product Hunt day! 💙🎉
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Looks very useful for a web and graphic designers. Now they offering two months of free trial. So definitely I will use it for a little while. Highly recommended!
Thanks @paulius_kirdeikis for the feedback!
Nice UI, super easy to use, great product!
@ignask10 Thanks, we do our best :)
@mindaugas_m1 great job! You are progressing very fast.
@mindaugas_m1 @liuboumin our tech team is on fire 🔥🔥