ATOM6 Projectiles

Repel drones & Nerf Nerds with paintball guns

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Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
I'm about to go buy a paintball gun just to shoot these
Adam Pollock
Adam PollockMaker@adam_pollock · CPO, Atomic Pickle Industries
Yes, Nerf ambushes were a thing in our office, so I invented the ATOM6 to address the issue :) They also work great against indoor drones. We're on Indiegogo for a few more days... we had fun making alot of gifs :)
Nick Abouzeid
Nick AbouzeidPro@nickabouzeid · Only the hottest Twitter takes
I absolutely adore this. I played professionally for 2 years & while Nerf guns are fun, they never really kept up with using a real paintball gun. Reballs (while efficient) don't work indoors given how quickly/easily they can break glass & skin. Kudos team! Some questions for the team: for those of us who have more expensive markers: - Have you done any long-term testing to see if your projectiles scratch or otherwise harm the internals of a marker? If you're using anything other than a Tippman 96, this would be my biggest concern. - How often do these jam in electric-fed hoppers like a Spire or Dye Rotor? - Given how quickly electric markers can burn through paint (5-20bps), is 48 really enough to sustain a single or multiple users in an office? I would imagine these are lost pretty easily... Love this nonetheless, excited to try mine out!!
Adam Pollock
Adam PollockMaker@adam_pollock · CPO, Atomic Pickle Industries
Thanks @nickabouzeid - We've been running a private beta at ( to get feedback from a variety of players. So far so good on a wide range of markers including high end models used by pros like members of La Boom who appear in some of our vids: ("ATOM6 2-on-2 :: LA Boom") Detents are noteworthy to mention. These are the mechanical "stoppers" in the breech that prevent a round from rolling out a downward pointed barrel before it's fired. Single detent markers occasionally to frequently allow the ATOM6 to roll past (because the ATOM6 design is so open). But the good news is markers with dual detents seem to work pretty well. - For electronic hoppers, the Spire has worked well. These also appear in the vids with LA Boom. Standard gravity fed and agitator style hoppers also worked well. Force fed electronic hoppers like the Dye Rotor did not work because they smash the projectile too much. Same with magfed (magazines). We do have in the works a stiffer magfed version of the ATOM6 (code named "Stiffies). - Agreed, 48 projectiles is not enough :) We sell up to gallon sized 800 count of the ATOM6.... And we don't turn people away who want to purchase multiples of that size :) - We also have a great running FAQ at the bottom of the Indiegogo page (be sure to click "Read the Story") Prototypes were all 3D printed in flexible "resin"
Dan Flanegan
Dan FlaneganHunter@dflanegan · Co-Founder, Butter
If you want to take your office nerf game to the next level, get yourself a paintball gun and ATOM6. Take down nerf nerds, drones and more!
"Oops I'm sorry accidentally forgot to replace the real paint balls with the atom6 balls" 😅¯\_(ツ)_/¯