Atom v1.0

The modern & hackable text editor from GitHub

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Alexandre Jouandin
Jeffrey Labrecque
  • Pros: 

    Open source, Free, "Hackable"


    Battery hogger, slow

    Atom feels as heavy as an IDE. It has a lot of plug-ins but I find that many feel broken. Looking at Activity Monitor on Mac, you can see it uses a lot of battery, and this is a dealbreaker for me. Unfortunately it's the only "IDE" for Julia (which, ironically, is a high-performance language) so I stick with it for these tasks.

    Awesome effort/work by the community though. It's too bad I don't agree with the choices the community had to make because I personally think this could have become a true "Emacs for the 21st century" text editor.

    Alexandre Jouandin has used this product for one year.