Personalized skincare, based on your skin measurements.

Applying machine learning to identify the cause of your skin issue and give you a personalized solution. Developed at MIT, Atolla is a simple at-home skin test and personalized serum adapted to your skin measurements, environment, and lifestyle. Track your progress using Atolla’s Skin Health app. Over time, Atolla predicts what your skin will need.

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Hi, 👋 This is Meg, co-founder of Atolla, along with @sid_salvi . Sid and I started Atolla as grad students at MIT because we were frustrated by not knowing what was causing our skin issues or how to fix them! I have super sensitive skin, and Sid has eczema. Not knowing what made our skin better/worse meant that like many other people, we wasted a ton of money and time buying the wrong products. 📈 We realized we could apply machine learning to help people pinpoint the cause of their skin issue and create the most effective solution. Our ultimate goal is to build a predictive model for your skin. With this model, we can move skincare from being reactive to proactive- to give your skin exactly what it needs before you have an issue! 👩‍🔬 After a successful pilot in NYC with over 500 users, Atolla is moving from in-store to in-home! We send you a testing kit to measure your skin's levels of oil, moisture and pH. Using an accompanying app, you upload your results (there’s nothing to mail back), take a few selfies and complete a short survey to help us understand your environment, lifestyle and skin history. Based on this comprehensive test, we send you a personalized serum within a week. We measure how your skin changes and adjust the formula each month according to changes in environment, routine, diet and other factors. 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Dealing with a skin issue can feel solitary. We leverage data to connect you to people with similar skin so you can learn from and support each other! Harness the power of the community with the real-time product fit feature - scan any product in the skincare aisle and see if it worked for people with similar skin. 💡 We’re excited to share Atolla with Product Hunt and would love to hear what you want to learn about your skin and how you wished skincare worked. Please feel free to reach out or comment here- look forward to hearing your thoughts! Best, 💙 Meg
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Awesome customer service.


Actually learn about your skin while improving it. Their oils feel & smell amazing - my skin stays hydrated so much longer.


If you're not familiar with using oils instead of lotions, might have to get used to it. But it's the direction everything is going in!

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