Atlas by Layer

Add messaging to your mobile app w/ this open source UI kit

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2015
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super excited to bring this to market. the @Layer team worked hard to create something that was simple, but totally customizable. hope everyone likes it.
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@ronp Atlas looks great! What types of apps are you using Layer? And how do you monetize your product?
@robjama - we've had over 10,000 developers come through early access, so it's been quite a range. interesting stuff in mobile marketplace (on demand economy, tickets, etc), dating, games, sports, news, and interesting twists on messaging apps. pricing model is very simple based on monthly active users charged to the developer that users Layer. think of it like AWS for the full communications stack.
Good Job @ronp and @Layer team! Can't wait to integrate it in our apps. :)
Finally a decent alternative to JSQMessageViewController Love that all the read/unread and real-time conversation view updates is all built in, I've had to build this boilerplate time and time again.
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Messaging is hard, same goes for a great messaging UX. I've implemented quite a few messaging features in various products where messaging was important for the overall experience but not core of the value proposition. It's a real time-sink even if you only want to get it somewhat right. Very inspiring. I love it when companies provide great technology at the core and then go way beyond that core to deliver an end-to-end solution for what the actual job-to-be-done is. This is very very rare for developer tool companies (b2d). Kudos to the whole @Layer team. The concept is simple but it is incredibly hard to pull off. Only a few come to mind like Apple, Stripe, Layer …
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Thanks for the kind words @__tosh! We love to power communications, and we recognize that is way easier to start building a great experience when you can play with something right away and see how it feels. With Layer we removed the need to build your own communications stack over and over again, maintain it and scale it. We are going above and beyond to bring all the functionality and quality people are used to from the most popular communications only products into every other product. Atlas is a step further. We know building great communications UI is equally hard and time consuming. We want to get developers and app creators there faster, so that they have more time to iterate and really focus on what matters most - building amazing experiences for their users.
Really excited to see this released. So much hard work from @tomazstolfa, @ronp and team.
@toze meet @tomazstolfa :) is what you need. go ahead now and integrate!! ;)