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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2018

Atina is a project management tool which can be customized according to your teams needs. It eliminates every teams task management problem with its process sharing & tracking, deadline, and comment features.

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Hey there, my name is Deniz Mert Yildiz and I am one of the Co-Founders at Atina. As a team of designers and programmers we all have long experience using project management tools . Every time we received a project we were assigned in different project management tools and could not get the full project management tool experience. They were hard to learn and harder to use. In our time working with big companies we have noticed every little missing detail and made a product that is easy to learn and easier to use. We put our experience and hard work on this project. We hope that you like it and use it to get the job done while experiencing the simplicity on our product.
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@denizmertyildiz Impressed by the minimalism! 🔥 You're right - good products most often get sophisticated as they improve and loses focus on its core proposition. Great job with Atina! I'm sold.
@jijosunny Thank you very much Jijo, that is the exact reason that we have created Atina.
I think you guys should talk more about the re-invented gant chart. It looks like your core feature that most of your giant competitors don't have. Some of the differences that I noticed are: - You can assign more than one team member to a single task which you can't on Asana or Jira ( Trello also has that ) - You can see the process of a task in a single line which I think is really cool. - They have a lifetime offer which I'm falling in love. That is a fucking smart move both for their business and their users. Because if you are in a tech business you surely know that you will need a project management tool at least once in your life. If it is more than one time or your current team is growing then you are saving money by purchasing their lifetime offer. But I should say that the platform has still minor bugs and some UX mistakes but looks like the team is dedicated to Atina, you can see that by looking the current features. They did more than they should for a start (: Good luck guys! Keep up the great work.

Really interesting, well-visualized application for project management. The apps works great and looking forward for it to become more popular solution :)


user-friendly tutorial, pre-defined templates, analytics


most features already available in

I really like it!

As they say; it's simple 👍


Great UI, friendly UX


Didn't find yet.