Rapid note-taking for minimalists.

Take notes in seconds. Save more time. Don't bother with features you don't need.
If you want ease of use, minimalism, and simplicity - Athenify is for you.
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What makes your product better than other apps that's worth paying 5$ per month? There are many (free) alternatives like Dropbox Paper, Google Keep, Apple Notes, ...
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@sandro_roth1 I suppose it's a personal choice - of the applications that you named, I think Google Keep is the best one. I prefer simplicity, and one of the reasons I built a simple version of Athenify is to keep away from having a bunch of miscellaneous features. Athenify is by no means perfect, and note-taking is a relatively undynamic sector of products, but we provide a dead-simple way to write and store HTML-formatted notes. We have a beautiful WYSIWYG editor, a sleek UI and dashboard, and a minimalist feel. This app isn't for everyone (most people really), it's the first application I've shipped, but I've acquired some customers so it is providing value to some. I will likely release a free plan in the future after getting feedback from paid users. Best wishes, Colin
I created Athenify to solve my own problem. It's not a monumental or complicated application by any means, but I was sick of using Evernote and Todoist when I really needed none of the advanced features. So I created Athenify as a sleek solution to note-taking without all the features I never use. If you want something advanced, this is not for you. If you want something sleek, simple, and minimal - this is your app.
you might want to update the footer from 30 days trial to 7 days trial to keep it all consistent
@rohillion Forgot about this - thanks for the heads up! 😬
I like the Idea.. for a free product. You're basically charging 5$ PER MONTH for a "rails g scaffold notes title body:text"
@theminijohn I would switch Athenify to become a free service, but I've acquired some paid customers, so it seems to pose value to some people. For the 'rails g scaffold' comment, the application also has a customized WYSIWYG editor (Trix), has a beautiful dashboard and UI where you can store your notes (newly improved, videos/photos above are not the newest), and there are various features in the works that have not been deployed yet. Maybe there will be a free plan in the future, and then you can give it another shot. Best wishes, Colin
You lost my trust! I signed up and then I am told I have to pay to use it. That makes me loose trust in your product. Looks great but will not use it. Trust is vital when you want to aquire early users
@eric_michiels1 You only have to enter a credit card to start your free trial (your first seven days are free, and that is clearly stated multiple times), not to use the product. Sorry for the mixup. Best wishes, Colin