Launch webapps from your dock, in a click.

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Phones & Tablets have changed the way we browse the web. We now navigate the web on our mobile devices with a tap on an icon. Yet, on our desktop we still open up the browser and manually enter the URL or click a bookmark to open the web page we want. Thus, I built Astronaut to help launch your favourite webapps in just 1 click, right from your dock. Currently this is only for OSX.
Very frustrating how it just keeps opening a new safari window after new safari window every time you click on the dock icon. Fluidapp definitely needs an update or successor but this isn't it (yet).
Interesting. Im on my phone so I can't download any of these right now. Is each app wrapped in a separate web view and or do they all just open a new tab? Wrapping them would make them feel more native and allow users to full screen web apps and then 3-finger swipe between them. (Which would be convenient for some.)
@danruswick Yes they will open in a new window, without all the browser fluff (url bar, bookmarks bar etc.) So you can go fullscreen or resize it, just like a native app.
Ew, Safari.
Is the only option to add apps $25? Is there a suggestion page (ie. Add apps that I didn't create/have no interest in paying to add)
@samuelcouch Any suggestions are welcome, we'll add a separate page for that. You can use the contact button for now.