Cryptocurrency and ICO investing on autopilot

Astronaut is an ICO management platform which is backed by the leading provider of independent research, Picolo Research.

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Thanks for the Hunt Eric! My name is Matt, the founder of Astronaut Capital. Astronaut is a streamlined ICO management platform which seeks to solve the inefficiencies of investors having to filter, research, buy and manage the process of ICOs. Astronaut is backed exclusively by the team at Picolo Research ( and relies upon their independent research and analysis for potential placement in upcoming token sales. Holders of Astro have the benefit of quarterly performance distributions, portfolio tracking and analyst tools + research, as well as the tradable ASTRO token which will be linked to the Assets Under Management (AUM) of the platform. We are excited to be launching and welcome any questions from the community. Please do check out our research hub at Picolo if you haven't already!
Hi! We rated Astronaut on ICO Drops ( as "Medium Interest Level". It is a high rating for this category (CryptoFund). I'm going to participate, an excellent way to diversify crypto money
@blyudovsergey thanks for the shoutout Sergey and happy to see you and team are getting involved!
Seems interesting! What considerations are you making for SEC regulation?
@mg currently working towards regulatory approval in a number of jurisdictions to ensure that platform can sustain growth without the constant interference of regulators. I think its a journey every ICO needs to take

I've been looking forward to this for a while and see it as an excellent opportunity. I would also advise to hold for minimum 1 or 2 years, if not longer (subject to results)


Good exposure to ICOs and Cryptos for someone without the time or knowledge to individually choose investments


As always, there is a risk to investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies

Upvoted ;-) This adds some serious value to the Crypto Community - We tried to do the same by spending 700+ hours to review 400+ coins on: Crypto Market Analysis, Predictions & Investment stats. Curious to get your feedback: