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Astro 3.0

Intelligent inbox and calendar for iOS, Android, Mac & Slack


Intelligent inbox and calendar for iOS, Android, Mac & Slack

16 Reviews
Nick Rovisa
Micah Baldwin
Johan Bakken
 +36 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Great design


    No Background Refresh

    Sync is a pain (3-8 minutes to get email notifications)

    Update is amazing but please focus in reliability, background refresh on iOS app and sync issues. I open some tickets on the past months sending debug trying to get issues fixed but still there.

    Rene Sierra has used this product for one year.
  • Justin Maxwell
    Justin MaxwellFounder, smith.ai

    Fast, fluid, easy, solid, reliable, has personality


    I don't embrace the bot as much as i should, so that's on me

    I've been using Astro on and off for about a year now. I use it on mobile far more than desktop. It has all the standard features you'd expect out of a modern email app (snoozing, follow-ups, etc). I mainly like it because it nudges better behavior in my emails. The "would you like to make ___ a VIP?" is my most frequently used nudge, the daily roll-ups are informative, and the read receipts come in very handy. Overall I like that it has a distinct look and feel without compromising usability or reliability.

    Justin Maxwell has used this product for one year.
  • Ian Gray
    Ian GrayMarketing Manager

    Multiple accounts, calendar addition is great, actionable unsubscribes, VIP contacts and a whole heap more.


    none as yet

    I really like this as it makes me think that I am actually getting through emails and I am actively finding ways to reduce the bulk of things I don't look at anymore.

    Ian Gray has used this product for one year.
  • Geoff Schaadt
    Geoff SchaadtVP, TryCycle Data Systems

    It helps me get through emails faster - and with fewer 'through the cracks' messages - than any other platform I've used.


    Takes a little time to wrap your head around the bot.

    I've been using Astro for several months and am a convert. Updates nearly always improve functionality.

    And the 3.0 update with an integrated calendar is what I've been asking for since day one. Great job!!

    Geoff Schaadt has used this product for one year.
  • Matthew Morek
    Matthew MorekProduct Designer

    AI, best in class UI and UX, calendar is awesome.


    No IMAP support, only G Suite and Office 365.

    Having no support for IMAP basically disqualifies this app for me, as I use FastMail for all workplace needs. G Suite/Office aren't the only players, you know, despite being in majority.

    Matthew Morek has used this product for one month.
  • Hug

    Was a good email app


    Got aquired by slack and shutdown'ed on short notice

    From the website :

    On September 24, 2018, we announced that Astro was acquired by Slack! Slack is the maker of the fastest-growing enterprise app in history, and we’ve joined to help connect email and calendaring to all the work teams do in Slack.

    As also communicated that day, as of Wednesday, October 10, we’ve shut down our Astro apps for Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Slack. For prior users of the Astro apps — because we continually sync data with Gmail & Office 365 accounts, you can switch to email apps from Google, Microsoft, Apple or other providers without seeing any changes in your messages or calendar events.

    The past few years have been a remarkable journey at Astro. We started in 2015 with a mission to bring intelligence to workplace communications, starting with email. We know email continues to be a critical way to communicate in the workplace, but for most people email is noisy, it’s not well organized, and it distracts us from doing our best work.

    We founded Astro with a team of experts in email and workplace communications, including Roland Schemers and Ross Dargahi who’d been co-founders and engineering leaders of Zimbra, the leading open source email and collaboration product. Others at Astro had been business and technical leaders at Zimbra; at the mobile email company Acompli (acquired in 2014 by Microsoft); and at the mobile messaging company Mumbo (acquired in 2012 by LinkedIn).

    So last year we launched Astro’s intelligent apps for users of Microsoft and Google email & calendar, to help people focus on their most important messages and relationships. We had a great response from users and teams, and several honors such as Product Hunt naming us mobile app of the year, and Gartner naming us a ‘Cool Vendor’ for AI in the Digital Workplace.

    We also wanted to bring together email with another critical medium of workplace communications, team messaging. So mid-last year we added our Slack app, Astrobot, to connect email, calendar & Slack. For example Astro users could do a single search and get results back from both Slack and email, they could manage their most important emails in Slack, and without leaving Slack they could check what’s next on their Office 365 or Google calendar.

    In bringing Astrobot to market, we developed a strong partnership with Slack. Slack has an amazingly loyal global user base of more than 8 million daily users, and many of our most passionate users are active & happy Slack users. And as we explored with Slack how to bring together messaging, email & calendar, it became evident that we would have the biggest impact on workplace communications and realize our original vision by joining Slack.

    So here we are today, excited to build the future of interoperability between Slack messaging, email and calendaring. We look forward to sharing this with you soon.

    We’d like to thank you, our users, for whom we built this company, and for whom we look forward to serving further as part of Slack. We’re grateful to our entire team for the commitment and excellent work of the past few years. And we’re thankful to our investors, Satish Dharmaraj at Redpoint Ventures, Theresia Gouw at Aspect Ventures, Michael Dearing at Harrison Metal, and Kent Goldman of Upside Partnership. Their support, wisdom, and unvarnished feedback has been invaluable to us.

    You can read more about our September 24 announcement at Slack’s blog, and please contact us with any questions.

    Thank you,

    Andy Pflaum, CEO and Team Astro

    Hug has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great snoozing. Office365 Support. Desktop and Mobile clients


    just small quibbles honestly

    I've been using Astro for months and I've found it to be the best email client I've ever used. It's fast. Search works well. I can use it on both my Office 365 corporate email and my personal email. The snoozing is easy and really helps in keeping a clean inbox and organized follow ups.

    Jeremy Chrysler has used this product for one year.
  • Sebastian Heyneman
    Sebastian HeynemanProduct Analyst

    Great UX, Fast Speed, Easy Archive and Snooze Features


    Astrobot doesn't do much for me

    I find the same challenge in Astrobot that I find in other bots. What's the point? Typically, it recommends to move people to VIP -- that doesn't do much for me.

    Great app, awesome for inbox zero.

    Sebastian Heyneman has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Undo Send, Send Later, post-to-Slack and Slack-search integration, the new Calendar/Agenda view is cool, too


    None--it has feature parity with the built-in Mail.app

    I started using Astro on macOS and iOS as a Mail.app replacement this summer and after zapping my Inbox and staying on top of email with Snoozes, haven't looked back.

    Bill F has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    +Awesome features, such as "zap", helps cleaning inbox.

    +Friendly support team, fast responses.

    +Great bot features.

    +Calendar support.


    -Currently supports only Gmail and Office365. But i am sure that it will change.

    -Some bugs here and there. Sure that they will be fixed.

    Overall, a great email app, if not perfect. The Priority and Other inbox is great, works perfect. The use of an AI Bot for email organizing is good. It helped me save some time.

    Absolutely recommending.

    Yusuf Bera ERTAN has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Well-designed UI, useful "Insights" feature


    Crash when handling many accounts (Mac), no HTML signature (Mac), the AI is not significant for neat users that really manage their inbox

    If you are using many mail accounts (8) in Astro for Mac, you will notice that there always be lollipop loading icon whenever you switch account or get into all account. Sometimes I have to force quit because the app is not responding. There is no HTML signature which is very useful for business mail account. You are also forced to make your drag-and-drop image file as inline message rather than a separate file attachment. However, the open tracking is good. The UI is quite eye-candy (rather than a more efficient UI like Air*ail). The "Insights" feature is also somewhat helpful to notice sentences that contains question mark or to-do-ish.

    Tesar Gusmawan has used this product for one month.
  • Jeff Greenberg
    Jeff GreenbergFilmgeek. Tech geek. Father.

    Love the sifting to find my key emails


    No iCloud support. After a year plus. Dealbreaker. It's on their map, but not of importance.

    I had to give up and switch apps. I really liked where this was going - but after a year and the "We'll support iCloud someday" over and over again...

    Jeff Greenberg has used this product for one year.
  • Henrik Lenerius
    Henrik LeneriusGlobal Head of Products @ Syncron

    Best email client I've tried, except for ...


    ... lack of integration to OmniFocus with link back to email

    Very good email client, constantly adding new features!

    Henrik Lenerius has used this product for one year.
  • eigotec

    Some of the best email/calendar UI


    No iCloud Support

    Surprised to fin no iCloud support dispite downling on macOS

    eigotec has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Awesome interface. Fluid and love the Astro bot. Best thing is the email snooze feature and priority inbox.


    No Icloud integration yet, but I know its coming.

    Ditching PolyMail as soon as Icloud comes to Astro. They sync is SOOOOOOO much bettter in Astro.

    edmund amoye has used this product for one month.
  • Ricardo Gaddini
    Ricardo GaddiniDesigner, COBNET

    Pretty smart


    Dont have Desktops or Windows Store apps.

    Just want a app to use in all plataforms. All in there is awesome, just a detail yet. Congrats!

    Ricardo Gaddini has used this product for one week.