Asteroid IQ

Track competitors with screenshots as a service

Asteroid IQ is a business intelligence automation software for companies that want to stay on top of their competitors. Track screenshots, SEO, social media ... all in one place.

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Oh very cool, thanks Dana for posting this. Quick backstory: I was chatting with some friends about the needs to have a kind of personal web archive, and we didn't see a tool out there that would be quick and easy and allow for a bulk upload of urls to track, so I went ahead and made us one. Turns out, there are others who needed just that. Perfect if you want to keep a tab on a series of web pages without having to consciously go back and review them every now and again. Lots more features still need to be added, so if you have any questions/suggestions, please let me know.
cool product. Spelling mistake on your PH landing page btw: Screensthot
@mdavep that's unfortunately! seems that was an older screenshot. updated! although 100% reduction in spelling mistakes isn't guaranteed.
Looks great! How do you achieve the screenshotting? Do you do it yourself or use an external api?
@mleonard both. building your own screenshot engine is a giant pain and takes a long time to get reliability right, while there are a number of already available APIs out there that can do this. I am still working out the best approach for cost/speed/reliability. Generally the more users I get the better technology I'd be able to offer (both in terms of direct costs and amount of my time spent on this).
@kirillzubovsky having built a couple of these, I'd be interested to hear what you wind up using.
Pricey. You should consider revising the plans.
@thesocialjack Thanks Jack. Valid point, there are cheaper systems out there. Charging more allows me to dedicate more time to maintaining this system and providing support/good experience to the users. I've see others charge bare-bottom, and not a big fan. That strategy requires you to grow to millions of users, which isn't the goal here. That said, what I will do instead of charging less is add more features, based on user feedback, so you pay more, but also get more. What else would you like to see bundled into the tool?