Assembly is a web collaboration platform that allows anyone around the world to build software apps collectively while retaining ownership and receiving profit for their contributions. Each month Assembly rewards contributors by splitting the apps’ proceeds between them.

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When @mdeiters first told me about Assembly a few months ago, my reaction was, "Wow, that's f'ing ambitious!" I'm rooting for him because of its potential to change so many people's lives. Sharing economy startups like Lyft, TaskRabbit, AirBnb, GetAround, and many others are empowering people to live better, more autonomous lives. Many engineers already contribute to open source projects without pay but if Matt and team can create a platform for these contributors to get paid for doing what they love, many people will live happier lives. Sorry if that sounds a little cheesy and promotional... Matt didn't pay me to write that. :P
I'm one for the founders of Assembly and happy to answer any questions. #AMA Ryan sums it up nicely...though I'd add that our platform is for more then developers too. We already have designers and those that want to help with marketing involved. Thanks Zack for sharing.
@mdeiters would love to use assembly internally at my companies/projects - are you guys working towards a product that can be used internally in companies?
True! I should have mentioned that it's also enabling non-engineers to participate similarly to the thriving open source community. First question... @mdeiters - When we first met, you were working on Coderwall ( prior to joining YC. Years later you've moved on to Assembly. Why did you decide to pivot and what are your plans with Coderwall?
Thanks @zackshapiro - I think in general the maker class wants to self direct their work and make money on their own terms. Your pull request analogy fits in nicely with that; identify a problem/solution, fix it, and share. Quirky has done a phenomenal job making the research and development (IP) of new products a collaborative process. Quirky then handles the manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment all themselves because of the physical nature of their products. With software, it is primarily all IP based so we are working to make the entire product lifecycle an open collaborative process.
I've been test driving this platform for building, and it's a great convergence of technologies and habits. Talent anytime, anywhere kind of concept. More thoughts -