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Today, we’re introducing Ask Product Hunt, a new community-powered product search engine. As with many things we build, the idea was inspired by you. 🤗 Every day, people ask for product recommendations, often cc'ing @ProductHunt on Twitter. Now you can ask the community directly. For the past 4 weeks, we've been sharing recommendations with a small group of beta testers in response to questions like: 📱 What's one app you use a lot, that most people don't know about? by @davidspinks ✏️ What's the best app for writing on MacOS? by @venikunche ✈️ What's the easiest way to create GIFs for the web? by @veronica Would love your feedback and crazy ideas (special thanks to all the beta testers that helped so far 🙏🏼).
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@rrhoover @producthunt @davidspinks @venikunche @veronica I love the idea. I think this is a great way to leverage the collective knowledge of the PH community.
@rrhoover @producthunt Awesome. Would be nice to have a topic/categories list and a search bar that searches trough all the questions
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@filippo_gandellini agree! We're adding topics and search soon.
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@rrhoover @producthunt What a great idea - it would be nice to have a link to where we have contributed to answers and also submitted answers as a quick to find tab/link on our profiles
@rrhoover Could this evolve to something more like 21.co for @ProductHunt?🤔 Would be great to see a bitcoin reward next to the up-voting system🚀. Just saying😳
This update makes a huge amount of sense for the types of recommendation it's hard to search for. Kinda like a product specific Jelly/Quora. I imagine it will also turn into a super-useful resource for makers who are looking for ideas of what to build next 😉
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It looks like 'Ask Jelly', but just for ProductHunt; Great new feature!
@tsunaze EXACTLY what I initially thought too! And now that @jelly has been bought by @pinterest, there's a vacancy in this kind of platform. @rrhoover's team should reach out to Jelly's influencers (and key employees like @ehooves) and swoop in on that. Maybe even buy a list from @biz if it's not too late. I'm also really excited to see how @producthunt defines itself as a standalone #socialplatform, independent of @twitter... because after @realdonaldtrump leaves office, Twitter will start tanking again (Sorry, Twittter- I still ♥️ you). Overall, this is a really exciting time for PH to rebirth its fine social self! 😻 #tech #startups #socialmedia #ONS2017 #mondaymotivation
It's about time someone tested the Quorian waters lol
@katesegrin I'm coming for your top spot this week Very happy that I can finally tell people. It's tough when @rrhoover swears you to secrecy🤐 The DOPEst on the planet 🚬🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr hahaha try all you want, I'm the queen of AskPH 😉👑
@dredurr you'll have to pass through me before you get to @katesegrin! Couldn't be more proud of #6! 😹
@kunalslab I'm coming after you as well. I was in the lead 2 weeks ago, then you guys blew me out the water. @katesgrin has an unfair advantage. She gets to look at the database.😡