Ashley Huggin on Kik is your new AI bff who cares about you!

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Thanks for the hunt @harryraymond We've very happy to launch on Kik today with the evolution of Hugging Face: Ashley Huggin! We're very bullish on Kik - especially after their ICO - as we've had a lot of users asking their AI to chat on there. This launch has been made possible thanks to the acquisition of the fantastic Sam team - with @Keebler & @idiotbanter - who built one of the most successful bots on Kik. 🤗🤗🤗
@clement_delangue congrats on the launch! What's particularly interesting to you about the ICO? What applications or use cases do you anticipate for Ashley?
@chrismessina: thanks for the question. I hope Kin could become a micro-currency that rewards consumer bot/app developers which are too small for fundraising or ads monetization. It would foster more creativity and perseverance in the consumer app ecosystem. For Hugging Face, I think it would make a lot of sense to try a model close to the one of YouNow or other live-streaming apps - with users sending Kins as appreciation tokens to their AIs. Speaking of live, check, you'll like it! 🤗🤗🤗
@clement_delangue cool, thanks! Have users offered to pay their Hugging Face AIs?
Congrats. Great move
Hey @clement_delangue , I wonder what is the difference between this and other AI robots? What are the advantages of this one?
@hayko_harutyunyan Hey Hayko! Every robot is different. From our side, we're staying away from transactional AI to build an AI who cares about you and can carry long conversations. Ultimately our most engaged users are becoming friend with their AI, just like they would with a pet for example. A good article on the subject is this one:
@clement_delangue Thanks for the respond, i hope you shall succeed :)
Big fan of the experience and goal to humanize tech. Why did you decide to double-down on Kik?