Ash & Anvil Everyday Shirt

Casual button downs designed for shorter guys

#5 Product of the DayDecember 11, 2015
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I’m really happy to see that this exists. I am short and most American brands do a very poor job of offering a shirt that fits me well. If I buy off the rack, I often need to get clothes tailored. That makes online shopping very unpleasant with American brands as I never know if something will fit even if I get a small. Instead, I will usually just shop for European or Korean brands. I backed Ash & Anvil when they were crowdfunding and I’m really happy with the shirt that they sent. It fits very well and has a modern aesthetic. It’s not cheap, but it is more affordable than getting an off the rack shirt tailored and it’s definitely cheaper than buying a made to order shirt. It’s also great to buy from a company that has me in mind as their target customer. Two questions: What’s the story behind the name of Ash & Anvil? Do you plan to expand into other clothing verticals?
@eawharton Thanks for bringing us to the PH community! 1) We're based in Detroit and the city is a huge influencer over who we are as a brand and a company. The word Ash comes from the Detroit city motto: "it will arise from the ashes", and anvil is a tribute to the city's manufacturing legacy. 2) Our goal is to eventually offer a whole wardrobe of everyday clothes for shorter guys! The plan right now is to release a few new items next Spring and our first line of pants in the Fall.
Hey guys, I’m one of the Ash & Anvil co-founders. We’re excited to share our shirts with the PH community! We started Ash & Anvil to make it easier for us shorter guys to look and feel our best. Our Everyday Shirt features shorter body and sleeve lengths, a refined collar, and a younger, modern fit. We spent months figuring out our unique sizing and based it on hundreds of fit sessions with guys 5’8” and below. At 5’6”, I’m pretty short. We don’t have backgrounds in fashion, but we're sick of not finding clothes that fill well and launched the company to fix a real pain point in our lives. Our early customers love the shirts and we’re excited to see what the PH community thinks! I’m here to answer questions, so ask away!
And we're happy to offer a discount for the community! Use the code "PRODUCTHUNT" at checkout for 30% off your order today!
@steven_mazur Totally dig it. I have a couple of shorter friends and that's exactly their problem. That's for the discount, I'm passing it on to them right now. Good luck!
@moravtchik Great! If they have any questions on the shirts or fit, they can reach out to me directly at
wow, way to fill a void! I'm 5'7, though considerably taller on an incline, look forward to perusing the site
@passingnotes Thanks! Would love to hear what you think of the site and clothes. And make sure to use the code above if you decide to pick up some shirts!
Short guys unite :D I'd love to buy this, but shipping to the UK is $48, can't justify that.
@imaaronmoody Yeah, international shipping unfortunately is quite costly. We set the price as low as we're able to right now and are working on ways to bring it down even further. Many of our international customers work with us to figure out their size and then buy at least 3 or 4 shirts to make the shipping more doable. Other than finding more affordable shipping options, is there anything else you'd like to see for international customers?
I'm also 5'6" and fit a huge problem. Dress shirts are one of my main problem areas because they aren't long enough for my torso, but based on the images, it looks like these still won't work for me. If they already look too short on the guys in the photo, I have no chance.
@bradenhamm Great to meet a fellow 5'6" with a long torso and short legs! The Everyday Shirt is our casual button down that's meant to be worn untucked, and you're right that it's cut shorter than most shirts out there. I personally wear our Large Everyday Shirt. It's shorter than anything else I've bought but fits great! If you're interested in trying one out, we offer free shipping, exchanges, and returns so no worries if it doesn't work for you. Are there any other products you have trouble finding off the rack? Always love to hear what other clothes guys our size want!