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Travel the world in virtual reality

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Hello Hunters! Excited to announce that Ascape VR is now available for Android and iOS! From now on it will be your travel inspiration with unreal 360° videos, scenic virtual tours, and superb visual content. Experience your dream destinations in virtual reality where money is no object. Have a journey to the parts of the world that you've never been, and stay motivated for the rest of the day!
@danmoroz hi Daniel, awesome to see this product. Virtual Travel is still being laughed at but if videogame photography is any indication, it WILL change photography as well, especially once the resolution/quality goes up and other senses are added to the image. Would you be interested in joining our community for visual startup founders? These more progressive insights can really add to the dialogue. Just drop me a line at so I can sent you an invite!
@danmoroz You should check out Travel VR. It's like Ascape but on Oculus and Vive.
So cool! Are there adventures like Safari's and things like that available?
@bentossell Thanks! Yeah, they are:) and many more including relaxing trips to North Korea and Chernobyl.
Cool idea! I already imagine myself watching Sunrise at Malaekahana Beach with Oculus Rift headset :) It also seems really useful for picking travel destination - btw I didn't find any search option. Good luck with your Hunting ;)
@moosov Thank you Indrek! The great thing is that you don't need Oculus or any other headset to enjoy the trips. Check out Blue Mountains, Australia experience :) I bet you'll like it
Is this available on the Oculus store?
No, unfortunately. Currently it's for Android and iOS mobile devices only, and we work on Samsung GearVR version.
@kondrukv So I'd download it via the Play Store, then open the app and place the phone into the Gear VR?
@kondrukv there seems to be a major problem in which it times out while using.
@techtom10 thanks for reporting that. I'll really appreciate if you could send us more details to contact (at)