Asana 3.0 (iOS)

The brand new Asana app for iPhone

#3 Product of the DayJuly 29, 2014
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Dustin Moskovitz
Dustin MoskovitzMaker@moskov
Thanks for the interest, everyone! Let me know if you have any questions about the new release. @dshan: @dtome is right -- the app is a total rewrite (front-end, back-end, visuals), even though it appears as an update in the store.
Andrew Torba
Andrew Torba@torbahax · CEO, #SpeakFreely
@moskov Fantastic move doubling down on mobile. Congrats, the new app is beautiful!
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
@moskov Got the update. IT'S SO MUCH BETTER. :)
Matt Galligan
Matt Galligan@mg · CEO & Co-founder Picks & Shovels
@moskov Nice work, Dustin. Massive improvement. It got me to pay a bit more attention to Asana and dig in, trying to figure out ways that we're not using it to the full advantage here at Circa. Delighted to find out how much priority headings have improved...likely a massive improvement for our team here. Bravo.
Alex Parker
Alex Parker@misterparker · Keystone
Fully Native! App store hasnt updated yet, can't wait.
Chris Yin
Chris Yin@chriseyin · Product @ Rainforest QA
Great update all around, love Asana. 1 thing I noticed was that on app's home page, sections in your workspace are displayed as tasks, when they should probably be ignored. Regardless, great update - when are we going to see offline? :)
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Pretty sure the new app will be a fully new app. ? Edit: apparently not, nevermind! Pumped about this, as an avid user.
Darren Tome
Darren TomeHunter@dtome · Product @ Mashable
@dshan Yep - it's a brand new app! I've been beta testing it for a couple weeks and it is responsive, smooth and finally brings all the web features to mobile. Note from the asana blog: The app will be rolled out in the App Store throughout the day. If the new app is not available in the App Store, please check back later today; it takes time to update for all users.
Adrian Grant
Adrian Grant@adriangrant · In Stealth
@dtome the old version was barely usable...glad to see they upgraded it