Measure everything with ARKit on your iOS 11 device.

ARuler is the best distance, area, volume and height measurement tool.

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Over this summer, Alessio Buratti and I have been building ARuler and trying to make it the best and most useful augmented reality ruler for iOS 11. We both attended WWDC 2017 in San Jose as we were selected by Apple for a WWDC student scholarship. The app is free to download and gives users 25 meters a month of measurements. This allows casual users to use the app for free and experience the simple and area measurement modes. The Pro version of the app is a $3 in-app purchase (discounted from $5 for the first week!) and it will unlock unlimited measurements as well as volume, height and fixed points measurements. The exact height of a person (or any object) can be measured by placing the phone on the floor and then on top of the person's head. This height can also be saved in the Health app which is for example useful to keep track of your daughter's growth. We are very excited to discover how people will use ARuler in their everyday's life. We are looking forward to your feedback and questions!
This is a great app. Works like a charm! :)
Good job! ๐Ÿ‘