Artistic Deep Filters

Give your portraits and selfies an artistic new look.

ADF offers you 37 amazing filters to choose from to give your portraits and selfies an artistic new look and style.
It uses machine learning algorithms and APIs to generate amazing filters that give your selfies and portrait photos a brand new look.
Why is it better than Prisma?
Looks really fun! Any plans for an iOS version?
@clint_laskowski If this is well received on Android, maybe we will plan for the iOS version too :)
@clint_laskowski @mehul_kanzariya1 Thank you for making the Android version first!
Hello Product Hunt, We have been working on this app for the past couple of months. It uses Algorithmia's Deep Learning APIs to create amazing artworks from your image. The app tries to provide the best possible quality in the final image. Hope you guys like it. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
Looks very useful.Would like to try this one
@payne_at_aaa Thanks Alexander and hope you like it.