Artifit creates workout plans, tracks your movements through your smartphone camera and gives real-time feedback.
The app shows workout duration, a number of reps and sets, overall technique review and general mistakes.
Don’t skip a workout!
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I’m Gennady, co-founder of Artifit — AI Personal Trainer. We had two reasons to create our product — passion for sport and technology. Sport makes me strong and happy, and as a tech guy, I love building new things. I wanted to bring a new experience into a fitness routine, and make workouts more effective and safe Our app acts as a personal trainer creating your workout plans and tracking your progress via your smartphone camera. If you make a mistake the app tells you how to fix it. Artifit core features are based on computer vision and neural networks. To produce this calibrated algorithm we created a unique dataset and analyzed tens of thousands of images and videos of various exercises performed by professional fitness instructors. The app recognizes 20 major joints movements via mobile camera, and we are constantly working on adding new joints and improving the algorithm. The current version of the app features squats workouts suitable for different fitness levels. We are currently working on adding planks, push-ups etc. We offer a 50% discount with full access to all app features for all PH registered users from. We believe Artifit can make more people active, healthy and happy.
@james_elam When you buy subscription on workout programme it now has 50% discount.
Nice everyday app
Thx. We are working to add a plank to next version
Hi everyone, I’m a co-founder of Artifit as well. We aim to make personal fitness training available for everyone, anywhere anytime. Therefore, a mobile platform, I think, is the appropriate choice. To cover the majority of the PT function, we plan to develop computer vision enabled fitness testing and AI-enabled fitness programme development, based on user’s targets and fitness level. Then the users will be able to see their predicted appearance following the programme and track their achievements. Lets build the future fitness :-)
Nice concept! good luck!
@korneev_maxim Thank you for your kind words. 😌
Hi, I am responsible for all the ai/ml stuff of our application. Feel free to ask me some questions!
@stanislav_okrug Is all the inference done locally? Any data thats sent to the cloud for inference?
@sarav1n Hi, everything is processed on your device, we send nothing to the clouds. So everything you do remains completely private!
@stanislav_okrug Appreciate both the replies! Cheers!