Art Buddy

Daily art stories told by a chatbot


Art Buddy is a new app available on iOS and Google Play Stores.

A curious owlbot tells users an art-related story every day, in the form of an interactive chat, keeping the content fresh and engaging.

The app has great reviews on the store and is growing rapidly.

3 Reviews
Andréas Dieryck
Olivier Bourdin
Charles Bourdin
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  • Olivier Bourdin
    Olivier Bourdin~ music, literature, surf, walks ~

    Cute and funny. A fun way to learn about art.


    There is no equivalent

    A chatbot that can runs into an android or an ios app

    Olivier Bourdin has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Have fun and learn at the same time


    Not enough stories online yet

    This app will give me new subjects of conversation !

    Charles Bourdin has used this product for one day.
  • Rui Carvalho
    Rui CarvalhoTech conference organizer

    very nice and new way to learn things about art


    add even more stuff

    it's like talking with a friend about something really interesting she just discovered. the story telling is amazing when you try to learn things!

    Rui Carvalho has used this product for one week.