Arms Race - Risk it all!

Risk-like strategy game against real humans

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Chris Maddern
Chris MaddernHiring@chrismaddern · Co-Founder, Button
Really cool, fun concept! When's the iOS app coming? :p
Laurent Sigal
Laurent SigalMaker@laurentsigal · Co-founder @
@chrismaddern Hi Chris, Thanks for the feedback, the iOS app is in the works actually :-) This is the first game of, which empowers HTML5 developers to build great multiplayer games. This game was made by us, but other developers are working on making their own on top of our platform. The promise is simple: get your game in the hands of every players no matter what device they use, and let them play together!!
Elia Morling
Elia Morling@tribaling ·
Sounds cool, but you guys need to seeellll it. I visited your page and still don't understand why it's better than Risk
Laurent Sigal
Laurent SigalMaker@laurentsigal · Co-founder @
@tribaling It basically is a game of Risk, but adapted so that it's great and easy on any screen. It also has more maps and some options (like team game) not available on the classic Risk game. But most importantly, it allows to play it with people from any network, and different device {replace "different" by "any" once we have the ios version too}