Arlo Pro

Wire-Free, Rechargeable, Weatherproof Smart Home Security

Arlo Pro is a smart home security system. It is rechargeable, waterproof and wire-free so you can put it wherever you need to be secure! You will have full access to a free Arlo app and in a few clicks, you will be able to watch on every one of your devices. It comes with sound and movement detectors and will notify you every time it detects any.

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Cool Camera 📹😎
@nivo0o0 LOL, hot comment niv
@nivo0o0 -- yup the design looks great...:)
I was hoping for HomeKit integration but doesn't seem to support it. (or did I miss it?)
@husseinyahfoufi Added @oleg_fishel to the thread (as a maker)
@husseinyahfoufi HomeKit integration is definitely on the roadmap for future products. Since HomeKit requires specific hardware on the device, it's not something that can be added retroactively.
I've got the indoor, wired Arlo and it's the best deal out there for security cameras. 7 day motion/sound triggered video storage in the cloud for free.
@coreyo Glad to hear you are enjoying your Arlo Q camera Corey! That was the first product I managed when joined the Arlo team last year.
Looks simple and useful. What I like most is that it could be just a "toy" to watch your pets, and the really useful security device at the same time. Making it waterproof and weatherproof is nice!
@paul_shuteyev What grabbed my attention the most was the 6 month battery life! For being completely wireless that's amazing. I came across an article that mentioned it (I'll add it when I find it).
@marcosmoralez Yes, it's 4 to 6 months with 4 lithium CR123 batteries.
@paul_shuteyev @marcosmoralez Our new model, the Arlo Pro (listed on this product hunt page) now has a rechargeable battery. Battery life will very with outdoor temperature and use, but most of our customers see 4-6 month battery life. I personally get 7 month battery life out of my most active camera, but it lives in California weather, so it performs a little better than average.
@marcosmoralez @paul_shuteyev We're also working on a solar panel for the Arlo Pro, so you can place it outside with a very easy install process and essentially not have to worry about charging the battery.
For decades the joke was always about Arlo Guthrie, now it's about me checking someone's garage or baby room. Ah well. Hey @netgear want to buy my Twitter name off me? ;-)