Arcane Maps

Blockchain-based alternative to Google Maps

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 12, 2019
Find your way in the World with Arcane Maps. Get navigation, traffic, and extended places info and even organize your favorite places into custom lists and share them with your friends. No logs with full privacy.
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Hi everyone ✌️, Walterion is here, and I'm excited to introduce you to Arcane Maps 🗺️, a private and secure alternative for Google Maps. As we keep hearing about data breach news of big companies, it is harder for us to keep trusting them with our personal data, especially our location history. It made us think about finding a better way. We believe the best way to keep data secure is by not having them in the first place. That's why we choose the server-less and encrypted solution with the help of blockchain. We worked on it for months, and now it is ready to share with you. Arcane Maps is a full-featured map service and with it, your identity, location, search history, favorite places and all, will be private and in your control. All safe and secure on blockchain-based cloud storage with high industry standard encryptions. Arcane Maps is available now for Mobile and Desktop right in your browser. It is entirely free with users’ support, so come and join us in our launch. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Shows you the path without knowing where you are — Arcane Maps P.S. Here is the rest of Arcane Projects if you missed them: Docs, Sheets, Marks, and Photos.
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Thanks to @aaronoleary for the Hunt ✌️
@walterion1 does it let you know when the cops are in the bushes ?
@walterion1 thank you. Does it have a feature like timeline that track the places we visit? I need that feature but to stay private.
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@hakan_erdur1 Hey Hakan! Not for now but it will be nice to have it. I added it to our task list.
Nice Map ! I like the overall look... Works smoothly on desktop and mobile ! Some questions though : - Any plan for natives app ? - Do you plan to have an API for third party developers ? - Whats your source ? OpenStreetMap ? - How do you plan to have as much POI as GMaps ? PS : Having some issue on mobile, when I click on the map it goes all the way back to NY, I'm in Paris :-)
@mgs Thank you very much for the comment! - Yes, native apps are under development for Android and then iOS. - No plan for an API for now, but a very interesting idea. - Yes, OpenStreet and Mapbox. - No plans for now. It seems you didn't give the app location permission, so it goes back to the default, NY.
@walterion1 I think I did 🤔 otherwise when I click on the location button on right bottom corner it would not go to where I am I'm guessing. Thanks for the details, I hope it will get the attention it deserves, people don't realise yet how much Google knows about all our moves, it's scary !
@mgs @walterion1 please add API to your product roadmap, there will be a lot of users for that.
@michal_sastinsky Hey again Michal, sure we have it on the roadmap 👍
Like the idea, but loading google scripts doesn't seem very privacy-focused to me :) (tag manager)
@guillaumebreux Thank you very much! If you mean Google Analytics, yes it needs a private alternative too ;) But for now you can always opt-out.
@guillaumebreux @walterion1 there's Simple Analytics, privacy focused analytics alternative to GA
@walterion1 your products look amazing! I will definitely be trying this and the photos. One thing I wish was present is displaying the search results on the map. Currently, if I search Supermarket it shows me a list of places but I don't really know where they are and I would have to check every single one to find the closest to me.
@duiker101 Lovely words, thanks! This is a very cool idea, Simone, allow me to add it to the todo list. Please dont forget to support the Arcane apps, especially Maps
Walterion did it again.
@jun_gong Thanks Jun 😸✌️