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Michael Flarup
@flarup · Northplay, Pixelresort, Robocat.
Hi fellow Hunters, I think I have been looking forward to this launch since forever. Being interested in games in 2017 is both a blessing and a curse. There’s a lot to choose from, but staying informed requires a lot of you. I scroll the upcoming games section on Steam. I follow developers on social media. I visit campaign sites for all the games. I consum… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Kind of like "Product Hunt for games" and looks quite similar to Gamamia which eventually shut down (cc @mdeiters @lachlanjc). Nice work, @flarup. I like how you show the graphics of the most upvoted game in each week.
Horea Burca
@horea4 · Co-Founder, Developer
Very good idea, indie games discoverability seems to be just as plagued as mobile apps discoverability. With a lot of people getting into game development recently and with big publishers controlling a lot of the industry, it's really hard for small studios to get discovered/noticed/funded. I have a friend who started a small indie studio about a year ago,… See more
Alex Marshall
Since the Nintendo Switch launched I've been wondering if something like this exists. I've been finding it really difficult to discover upcoming games, and there's no obvious way for me to keep informed of updates. I've recently been getting into Indie Games on Xbox One too, but let's face it, discovery on the Microsoft Store sucks 😬 Hopefully Arcade Trai… See more
Ian De Jesus
Would love to see a way to filter games by genre similar to steam. :)