AR Content Creator by Vectary

Create AR content for iOS 12 in your browser


Vectary is the first online 3D design tool that enables anyone to create original AR content for Apple’s ARKit / iOS 12. Best part - you don’t need 3D or coding skills to use it.

Make AR content for your online shop, website or sharing via iMessage and Mail and convert OBJ, STL, SVG, GLTF, GLB, and DAE to USDZ online and for free.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

I built a simple webpage with AR features in a few hours using Vectary.


Easy to use



It is way beyond a converter. Its a full 3D modeling tool with out of the box solutions for easy of use even for non designers. Its something the AR industry was waiting for... See you in the Matrix! :)


easy to use, lot of customization possibilities, tons of 3D models, decent rendering in the browser


none, have experimented a lot with it and did not find cons yet.

So far I've enjoyed using Vectary. Simple learning curve.


So far I've been very impressed. Ease of use and available library


None yet.