A personal dashboard with a lot of metrics and an amazing UI

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Two reasons for posting this: 1) an amazing UI worth learning from 2) potential for a SaaS or self-hosted products for people who want to keep track of similar metrics
That design is LOVELY.
@aprilzero has done an impressive job. I definitely think this should be productize. I'm using roughly the same trackers, but can't make any sense of the data for myself. This feels like something I want to have for myself.
@nikitakorotaev I feel the same way, many people would pay big bucks to be able to see all of their key metrics in a dashboard format, especially when it involves exercise, health, travel, etc.
@krrishd what's the scope of the business potential here?
it's amazing... I'm so into that data but have never seen it presented like this before.
This is awesome. There was also 0 sacrifice of speed to make those brilliant visualizations. I was up at RISD last month and saw similar visualizations of personal data at their design museum -- awesome to see someone adapt and improve on that. The mash up of all this personal data could really reveal some interesting things: physical activity when traveling, combine daily activity with weather, calories burned, food consumed, stress levels (perhaps using heart beats as a proxy) during various times of year / certain events. Stellar stuff