Apption for Notion

Find & learn Notion friendly embeddable mini apps

- Find & Learn Notion friendly embeddable mini apps.
- Create your own Notion embedding url with your own HTML.
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A lot of people are using Notion these days. + We have a whole bunch of old styled Embed apps online already. I thought it would be nice to connect them.
@astrocket This is very useful and informative, thanks Astro! ๐Ÿ™
@alexanderspoor Thanks for your support Alex !
@astrocket Just launched our share option which can be embedded on Notion too, how do we get added?
@mike_seekwell Hey Mike ! Your product seems great especially for the Tech teams. I will upload it with tutorial guide today. Lets keep in touch !
@mike_seekwell Hi mike. I deeply looked at your service and I even signed up. However it's quite too complicated for normal Notion users(especially for database connection). Since my service doesn't have much apps at the moment. I think it's too early to list your service. But I will keep it in my note, and upload it when I list much more apps and categorize Engineering stuff. Sorry for the delay, and thank you again.
I didn't realise one can embed in notion! Just when you think notion cannot be more awesome! This project is gonna be very helpful, thanks!
@francox9 thanks for yout comment ! I will try my best to be useful.
I love the part that showing simple steps to embed/integrate each app. Thanks for the great service!
@andrew_cho Thanks for your comment Younghwi :) I will be keep adding useful Apps. Stay tuned !
@brew1 Thanks man !
@astrocket Thanks for this amazing invention. I just emailed you. Please check your email & try to reply me. Thank you
@nazmul_husain Thanks man I will check it soon :)
@astrocket Thank you. I have sent the mail here.