A weekly podcast exploring of the world of apps.


Lisa Dziuba
@lisadziuba · Swift Learner & FlawlessApp.io Founder
😊 I love MacStories and now they have a new podcast! It should be 30 min talks about cool apps. Run weekly by MacStories' founders Federico Viticci and John Voorhees. Each week, they discuss the best new apps, the impact of apps on our culture, and cover the stories behind popular apps. 🌟 Hope, you will like it! 🌟 More about the launch you can find he… See more
@geek_1001 · iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
Great podcast with interesting concept! Definitely worth to check it out.
Alexandre Vallières
@vallieres · ½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger
Listened to the first episode, great job @viticci and @johnvoorhees ! With all the discussion on Planet of the Apps a few months ago and a good coverage of apps/developers, I figured who better than the MacStories team to cover the subject in-depth! Happy to see the outcome of a few hints I picked up! 👍🏻
Wow, the podcast looks very interesting!
Daniel Marcinkowski
@dmarcinkowski_ · Junior Social Media Specialist
I'm big fan of Canvas and Connected from Relay.fm. AppStories seems to be another great podcast to listen to every week :)